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Welcome to the Library page of the Ecumenical Marian Pilgrimage Trust.

Here are the texts of addresses delivered at our conference pilgrimages, which can be downloaded in PDF format. If your computer cannot read PDF documents, you can install the necessary software by following this link for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In each case copyright belongs to the author. The trustees are most grateful to the contributors for permitting their published addresses to be made available to a wider readership online. Permission to reproduce a text should be sought from the author.

Creative Commons Licence
Otherwise, the texts and recordings from the Pilgrimages conducted by Ecumenical Marian Pilgrimage Trust are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Below are the links to the texts and recordings of addresses from our past Pilgrimages to Walsingham, listed by year in alphabetical name order. Simply click on the title to download the document you would like to see, or press 4 to listen to a talk on our "Ecumarian" YouTube channel. We are very grateful to Mr Desmond Miller for making the recordings. Where there is no recording, it is usually because the address accompanied an integral slide presentation, which it is not possible for us to reproduce.

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2015 - Walsingham

  • Metropolitan Kallistos Ware: The Teaching of Sergius Bulgakov on the Mother of God
  • Bishop Alan Hopes: Homily on the Solemnity of St Joseph at the Basilica of Our Lady of Walsingham
  • Bishop Jonathan Goodall: Sermon at St Mary's Parish Church, Walsingham
  • Msgr John Armitage: The Virgin's Name was Mary - Opening Address at the Shrine Church
  • The Revd Dr David Cornick: Mary in the Bibile - Sermon at Walsingham Methodist Church
  • The Revd Fr Philip Corbett: A Theological Reflection on the Marian Shrines of Nagasaki
  • Sister Marie Farrell: The Australian Scene - Aboriginal Spirituality and the Mother of God
  • Professor Morna Hooker: Scriptural Holiness: Paul’s Understanding of Sanctification
  • Professor Hooker: A Walsingham Bible Study - Mark 3.19b-35 & 6.1-6
  • Fr George Joy: Mother Mary in the Indian Orthodox Church
  • Fr Ivan Moody: The Mother of God in Orthodox Church Music
  • Fr Phillip Swingler: Exegesis: Reflection on Galatians 4: 4-7
  • The Revd Prebendary Norman Wallwork: God Incarnate in the Hymns of Charles Wesley
  • Fr Mark Woodruff: The Ecumenism of Blood, Benediction Address at Walsingham Catholic Church
  • Fr Mark Woodruff: Visitation in Haste
  • Archpriest Stephen Platt: The Virgin Hodogetria - Closing Address at the Shrine Church

Texts from the 2015 Pilgrimage were published in 2015 in Mary, Bearer of the Eternal Word, ISBN 978-0-955-1151-6-5


2014 - Egmanton & Newark

  • Fr Phillip Swingler: Blessed are the eyes that see what you see - Homily at Mass at Egmanton

This text fromt the May 2014 Pilgrimage to Egmanton was published in 2015 in Mary, Bearer of the Eternal Word, ISBN 978-0-955-1151-6-5


2013 - Walsingham

  • H.E. Kallistos, Metropolitan of Diokleia: The Akathist to Mary Mother of God
  • Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham: Homily at the Catholic Pilgrimage Mass
  • Bishop Jonathan Baker of Fulham: Homily at the Anglican Pilgimage Mass
  • Bishop Baker: Reflection on The Man Born Blind
  • Dr Margaret Barker (Methodist): The Lady in The Temple
  • Dr Barker: Zoodochos Pege - The Life-Receiving and Life-Giving Spring
  • The Very Revd Thomas Bruch - Mary in Lither Tradition
  • Fr Philip Corbett: The Annunciation
  • Fr Dominic Cosslett: Mary as the Memory of the Church
  • Sister Marie Farrell rsm: An Australian Mary: Ecumenism and the Mother of God
  • Nick Mayhew-Smith: Britain’s Holiest Places
  • The Revd Mark Rowland: "Rejoice, never silent Voice of the Apostles"
  • The Very Revd John Salter (Patriarchal Counsellor for Ecumenical Relations of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church of Antioch, Chairman of the Society of St John Chrysostom):  Fr Henry Joy Fynes-Clinton, Ecumenist of East and West
  • The Revd Adam Stevenson: Towards a Marian Theology of Place
  • Fr Mark Woodruff: The Mother of the Vine

Texts from the 2013 Pilgrimage were published in 2013 in Mary Mirror of All Virtues, ISBN 978-0-9551151-5-8 


2012 - Heron's Ghyll and Our Lady of Buxted

The texts of Esme Howard's and Nigel O'Neill's talks were published in 2013 in Mary Mirror of All Virtues, ISBN 978-0-9551151-5-8 


2011 - Walsingham

Texts from the 2011 Pilgrimage were published in Mary in Pilgrimage in 2012, ISBN 978095515134. 


2010 - Our Lady of Evesham

Unfortunately the texts of the Homilies at the Catholic Shirne Church of Our Lady and the Methodist Church, and the walking tour of the Abbey remains are unavailable.


2009 - Walsingham

The texts from the 2009 Pilgrimage were published in Ecumenical Prospects of Mary in 2010, ISBN 978095515127.


2008 - Our Lady of Caversham and Reading Abbey Day Pilgrimage

Unfortunately the texts of the Homily from the Abbot of Douai at Caversham and the walking tour of the Abbey Ruins are not available


2007 - Walsingham

Texts from the 2007 Pilgrimage were published in 2008 in Further Prospects of Mary, ISBN 9780955115110.


2003-5 - Walsingham

In 2003 there were also the following unpublished presentations:

  • His Grace Bishop ANGAELOS, Coptic Patriarchate of Alexandria - The Apparitions of Our Lady of Zeitoun
  • The Revd Fr Anthony CLEMENTS - Coptic Meditation
  • The Red Dr Leslie Griffiths - Sermon at the Methodist Church
  • The Rt Revd Thomas MCMAHON, Bishop of Brentwood - The Master's Mind
  • The Revd Fr John SALTER, Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchal Counsellor for Ecumenical Relations - Our Lady of Soufanieh, a Melkite Shrine in Damascus
  • The Revd Dom Alberic STACPOOLE OSB, Ampleforth Abbey - Our Lady of Lourdes and Medjugorje

Available texts from the 2003 and 2005 Pilgrimages were published in 2005 in Prospects of Mary, ISBN 09555115108.